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Bookonlive.com is a web application opening the way to the edition, to the publication and to the sale of written works to each one of us.

Authors can share texts in all kinds: novels, biographies, poems, stories, etc...

Bookonlive.com is a french company with siret number: 51350433200018
Our Site is hosted in the United States and is subject to the first amemdment of the constition of the Unisted States.   Show

Our web application has been tested with all browsers:
Firefox (4+), Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (10+), Opera, Safari

Payment system: Paypal
Percentage for authors: 70% (excluding Paypal fees)
Frequency of payments: Monthly
Minimum amount to receive payment: 10 ($ or € or £)
(In the currency selected by the author)
Display of pages, chapters and forums is all JavaScript dynamic in order to offer the best possible visual quality.
Application features (Version 2014):
  • Choose the access price to your livebook
  • Offer free access to some members of «bookonlive.com»
  • Customise the look of your livebooks:
    • Font size of the text
    • Modify the default background
    • Use specific backgrounds for chapters
    • Upload your backgrounds
    • Text pages background
    • Famework of livebook
    • Upload your cover Avatar
    • Text forum background
  • Administer your Forum messages of your livebook by:
    • Authorizing messages
    • Deleting a message by displaying "message deleted by the author"
    • Erasing a message and its replies
    • Prohibiting a member from posting messages
  • Choose your identity display, the username or first name and last name
  • Cover options:
    • Authorize e-mails from readers
    • Choose to display a link of your other livebooks
    • Choose to display the number of page views
    • Choose to display the number of subscribers
  • Manage your Readings with your subscriptions, your purchases and your Livebooks offered

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